Modern media and mainstream Hollywood celebrities have made achieving the perfect pearly white teeth seem fast and easy. But is this the case? Fast and ‘get white fix’ methods are exactly – a quick fix for a change in teeth colour. Do they maintain longevity? No.

As the Tortoise and the Hare famously demonstrated, the best way to win a race is to do so slowly, and if you want the perfect white teeth, it must be done professionally by visiting a dentist.

A dentist will be able to analyse your teeth and gum structure and recognise the best method for teeth whitening – perfectly tailored to you. Popular quick fix methods bleach teeth fast and often at higher temperatures. An experienced dentist will advise that the best teeth whitening method is to do so slowly at lower temperatures or at a lower whitening gel concentration over a long time period.

Whitening Teeth

Whitening teeth slowly will promote a deeper penetration of colour change. A higher concentration in store-bought gels can dehydrate the tooth and effect the cavity and enamel permanently. Having your teeth whitened professionally by a dentist will ensure the gel is not as concentrated and the potential long-term risk of damage is eliminated.

There is a small place for in-house or store-bought whitening products, and that is only for people who need to lighten their teeth in a hurry or as a one-off. The damaged that can be caused by the consistent use of in-house or store-bought teeth whitening methods can be irreplaceable, so if you are after long-term effects, it’s best to visit a dentist for custom whitening.

If you wish to maintain your teeth and slowly lighten them, in the long run, the best method for this is to use a dentist-recommended low strength gel across several weeks. These custom whitening trays ensure that teeth are facing a gel that is only 10 – 20% concentrated, but for a longer amount of time which increases the beneficial outcome.

Store-bought whitening kits

Store-bought whitening kits blitz teeth at a higher concentration (approximately 30 – 35%) which not only dehydrates the teeth but can cause the need for dental repair in future.

Any form of teeth whitening comes at an expense and you should consider it a financial investment. Dentist recommended teeth whitening trays are an investment into a system that will whiten teeth for life. This system needs to be maintained as over time, teeth naturally yellow and stain with eating, drinking and general life choices.

Many say that gums are the key to your health and the most effective way to maintain your gum safely when teeth whitening is to have a dentist recommend the best method. If the teeth whitening is done safely (usually using teeth whitening trays), the gel will not come into contact with the gums, which eliminates the risk of them becoming damaged.

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