Dental examinations or dental care work delivered by a dentist can be a source of fear for many Australians. There are a few reasons that people are scared of the dentist:

Man at the dentist
– People associate dental care with emergencies or pain
– People are unaware of the many methods and techniques dentists use to make people feel comfortable during their visit
– People have had a bad experience with a previous dentist
– Some people have irrational phobias or anxieties related to dentists
These fears can cause people to delay or avoid dental appointments altogether. Of course, once this cycle starts, the fear of going to the dentist only intensifies – especially in cases where people know that they are in need of dental care.
People with dental phobia and anxiety have a higher risk of gum disease and tend to lose their teeth earlier. They also tend to have decreased health in general, and lower life expectancy rates. Besides these physical issues, people who avoid the dentist may also pay an emotional cost if they aren’t confident with how their teeth look.
Dental anxiety and phobia can be treated. In part, stress-related dental fear is related to undue pain. Some people have lower pain thresholds than others – especially those who are experiencing stress at any given time.

Here are some of the main causes of dental phobia and anxiety:

The fear of pain is most common in adults 24 years and older. Most of their early dental visits would have been experienced before advances in pain-free dentistry.

Feelings of loss of control

Most phobias surround a situation where there is a lack of control.

The mouth is one of the most intimate parts of the body, and has a lot to do with how we identify with ourselves.

Pain-free dentistry has advanced and strives to not only prevent pain, but to ensure that patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay. We want to leave you with a smile, not a grimace.

Here are two of the ways we have perfected painless dental care:

  1. The dental wand
    The dental wand delivers a slow, steady injection of local anaesthetic, so you can be numbed without the sting. The wand is controlled by precise computer technology, allowing the operator to guide an easy slide into the gum tissue.
  2. Needle-free injections from INJEX
    Yes, you read that right. We can inject into the depths of your gum tissue without a needle. This pain-free procedure also allows the numbness to wear off quickly after the procedure, so you don’t have to leave the clinic still numb.

    Call our friendly staff at Pain Free Dental Clinic to discuss how modern dental techniques can advance your dental health without pain or anxiety.

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