Fear of Injections when having Dental Treatment

Over the last 150 years we’ve seen little change in the delivery of Dental anaesthetics. A needle has been used to inject anaesthetic in under the gum. Although there are some techniques to reduce the pain of injection, still the procedure can be painful by its nature. Today, pain-free dentistry has come a long way with various processes used to minimise the discomfort people feel in having a local anaesthetic delivered to numb their mouths while receiving dental treatments.

The dental wand

The dental wand is the latest high-tech solution to painful injections. It delivers the anaesthetic through a tiny wand that looks more like a pen than a needle. The wand is controlled by a computer that allows the operator to glide the needle into the gum tissue in such a way that the patient barely even notices. Most certainly report no pain, or very little discomfort or pressure.

The wand has been developed to replace the  syringe that was originally used in dental treatment practices. Dentists who have invested in this latest pain-free technology are not only making the experience more comfortable for their patients, they have reported feeling more comfortable with the wand themselves, as it is held more like a pen than a needle and the computer-controlled pressure makes their job easier.

How does the wand work?

– The wand is a small hand piece that looks like a pen with a wire at the top

– The wand glides into the gum tissue at a point that is comfortable for the patient

– The wand delivers a slow, steady supply of the right amount of anaesthetic injex.

The other key technique for pain-free dental treatment is needle-free injections from INJEX. INJEX has developed the technology that allows local anaesthetic to be delivered completely needle-free. The anaesthetic is delivered via a jet-like system that is slow, steady and pain-free.

How does it work?

INJEX uses an ampoule system with scaling and a micro opening. The opening is only 0.18 millimeters in diameter – imagine that! Medication is administered through the opening as it is applied directly to the skin. The process occurs in a fraction of a second.

The result is that painful memories of needles of the past need not be re-lived. Pain associated with needles in fact was mostly due to the rapid injection of the fluid itself, than that of the needle. These modern methods mean your fear of the dentist’s needle can be relegated to just a bad memory.

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