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Missing tooth got you feeling down? The team at Pain Free Dental Clinic in Moss Vale can provide you with a custom dental bridge!

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthesis used to bridge the gaps left by a missing tooth. Even a single missing tooth can cause changes to the way you eat, speak and smile.

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth can shift positions or tilt, causing your bite shape to change over time.

Irregular bite shapes can make it harder to clean areas of the mouth, causing you to be more susceptible to tooth decay from bacteria build up.

The damages that can be caused by missing teeth is often accrued over time, leading to the need for dental bridges, dentures or implants.

What are the types of dental bridges?

There are three main types of dental bridges: 

1. Traditional Bridge

2. Cantilever Bridge

3. Resin-bonded bridges

The traditional bridge involves creating a crown or prosthesis on either side of the missing tooth space. It is typically made from ceramics or porcelain that has been fused with metal for added strength and durability.

Traditional bridges are the most common type of bridge used, but it will require two stable and healthy teeth to act as the anchor that will stabilise the dental bridge. 

Your dentist will examine your teeth to determine whether a dental bridge will suit your teeth.

Dental Bridges Checkup — Pain Free Dental Clinic In Moss Vale, NSW
Dental Bridges Procedure — Pain Free Dental Clinic In Moss Vale, NSW

What’s the process of getting dental bridges?

Your dentist will first check your oral health condition and your jawbone density to ensure the procedure can go smoothly. 

At your first appointment, we will first prepare the anchor teeth for treatment. This involves reshaping or removing a portion of the enamel to allow space for the bridge to sit comfortably on top.

An impression of your teeth will then be taken to be used to create a model of your mouth. 

A temporary bridge will be provided for you to allow your exposed teeth and gums to heal. 

Once your custom bridge has been made, your dentist will install it for you and adjust it if necessary.

Dental Bridge That Feels Natural & Comfortable

At Pain Free Dental Clinic, we always want what’s best for our patients. We are committed to providing a comfortable and relaxing clinic environment to help sooth any anxiety you may have. 

Our principal dentist, Dr Nikgoo, has dedicated his career to providing dental treatments that aims to minimise pain as much as possible.

Our range of state-of-the-art technology and equipment allows us to perform our treatments effectively and efficiently.

From dental fillings to root canal surgeries, or even teeth whiteningthe team at Pain Free Dental Clinic can do it all. For more information on our dental services, you can visit our blog or FAQ page.

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