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Modern Dental Equipment

At Pain Free Dental Clinic, we are proud to provide dental care for patients across the Southern Highlands. Our goal is to make every dental visit as stress-free as possible, through the help of our professional team.

Our Moss Vale clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology and equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments, using pain-free dentistry methods to help sooth anxious patients. From dental bridges to root canal treatments, our principal dentist, Dr Nikgoo, can do it all.

Carestream CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner

We understand that for many patients, the process of taking impressions for dental implants and bridges can be a difficult process. We are eager to make every aspect of your dental treatment as pain-free as possible, which is why we have invested in the Carestream CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner. 

The scanner is a high tech alternative to traditional impressions. It creates accurate impressions through taking a series of videos and images of the patient’s mouth. The process is completely non-invasive, does not involve x-rays and can be completed in one single appointment. The information obtained by the scanner is then transferred digitally to the lab to create your impression. 

The scanner provides a fast and efficient way of capturing clear and accurate images, which in turn will translate into an accurate impression. This will ensure your dental implant or bridge is a perfect fit for your mouth.

Laptop With Teeth Diagram — Pain Free Dental Clinic In Moss Vale, NSW
Picasso Lite Plus Dental Laser — Pain Free Dental Clinic In Moss Vale, NSW

Picasso Lite Plus Dental Laser

Laser dentistry enables practitioners to manage soft tissue procedures in a clinically effective manner. Few local anaesthesias are required, with more predictable treatment results, and reduced post-operation pain.

It is a highly versatile technique that allows practitioners to perform more procedures in less time, without sacrificing patient care and comfort.

Laser surgery is also substantially less invasive, meaning less bleeding during the procedure. There is also little to no recession and swelling after the operation.

Piezotome Solo (LED) Ultrasonic Bone Surgery

The Piezotome Solo integrates the most reliable and safe components of ultrasonic pre-implant surgery. This device offers greater comfort for the patient and the practitioner, allowing numerous applications including bone surgery, tooth extractions and crown lengthening.

Surgeries can be completed efficiently, which means less bleeding during the operation. Patients can also make faster recoveries post-operation due to reduced swelling and pain.

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Find out more about our range of dental technology and how we can help you today. Contact us online or call us on (02) 4868 1933.

Piezotome Solo — Pain Free Dental Clinic In Moss Vale, NSW
Painless Technology — Pain Free Dental Clinic In Moss Vale, NSW

At Pain Free Dental Clinic, we understand that visiting the dentist can be a stressful occasion. We strive to complete all treatments efficiently, providing our patients with a variety of pain relieving methods to make your procedure as painless as it can be. Our team can administer conscious sedation, nitrous oxide as well as needle-free injections of anaesthesia.

All new patients will be provided with a 50-minute appointment, where we will conduct an in depth examination of your teeth, gums and jaw. You can talk to us about any concerns you have, and we will answer every question in detail.

For further information, you can browse through our FAQ page or blogs.

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