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Cleaner & Healthier Teeth

Enjoy cleaner, healthier teeth with our routine teeth scaling and cleaning service!

At Pain Free Dental Clinic, we want to help our patients from across the Southern Highlands achieve excellent oral health. Apart from general dental services such as extractions, fillings and implants, you can also visit our Moss Vale clinic for routine teeth cleaning.

Why do I need teeth scaling & cleaning?

Did you know that regular brushing and flossing can still result in plaque build up? Common bacteria feeds on food debris and other nutrients to continuously form plaque in your mouth. Initially, this mixture of bacteria and food is a soft, white compound that can be removed with a good brushing and flossing technique. Unfortunately, because the process of plaque production is constant, it’s virtually impossible to remove all of the plaque through brushing alone.

Plaque that is left behind will remain on the teeth and begin to solidify. The hard surface of the plaque will coat the teeth, forming a brown stain that can’t be removed with regular brushing. Over time, plaque build up and gum disease will cause more dental problems such as cavities and tooth decay.

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A dental scale and clean treatment will gently remove the plaque build up to restore teeth health and appearance. The treatment not only removes plaque but can also remove stains caused by nicotine, red wine, coffee and other foods.

Plaque build up can also emit an awful smell that can make your breath terrible. Even strong mouthwash and mints won’t be able to cover the scent. Scheduling a regular teeth scale and clean treatment will ensure a fresher breath and cleaner teeth.

What happens during a scaling & cleaning treatment?

We use a state-of-the-art ultrasonic tool that uses a rapid, circular motion to carefully remove the hardened plaque. The procedure is simple and effective, with many patients describing the ultrasonic treatment as tickling, and not painful.

A small mist of water is sprayed during the removal to wash away debris, and ensures the treatment area stays at a reasonable temperature. At Pain Free Dental Clinic, we strive to provide all our patients the most comfortable dental experience. If you find the procedure unpleasant, the last thing we want is for you to suffer in silence! Our team will accommodate you as best we can.

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The rate of plaque build up differs for everyone. Some people will require a scale and clean treatment every three months, and others may only require it once a year or even less. Your dentist can recommend a regular schedule that is best suited for your teeth.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious at the thought of visiting a dentist, the team from Pain Free Dental Clinic is here to help. The importance of oral hygiene should never be overlooked. Talk us through your concerns, and we will do our best to make your visit as easy as possible.

Book an appointment with us today for a scaling and cleaning treatment! We can also provide payment plans through Zip Money for your convenience.

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