Don’t leave your gap too long – use dental implants and how long the process can take

Thinking about getting a dental implant? Good choice! This is one dental solution that is designed to last a lifetime. Dental implants fit solidly in your mouth, and give you an all natural smile. Still not sure what kind of tooth replacement is right for you? Read more about dental implants and other teeth implant options here

The process of preparation before your dental implant is actually quite a long one. Often our patients are surprised to learn that the period between losing a tooth and starting work on your dental implant can take months.patient smiling

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What type of preparation dental work is required before a dental implant is inserted?

First of all, we need to know what we are working with. If you currently have a gap in your smile, your jawbone may have compromised integrity. If you have had your tooth gap for quite some time, it is possible that the bone has shrunken to a point where it is impossible to get a tooth implant.

We check whether your jaw is suitable for dental implants by taking several 3D X-rays to make sure your jaw is up to the task. Sometimes we will have to take several X-rays from different angles to make absolutely certain that it will be a good fit. These X-rays also take into account the position of your nerves, cheekbones and more.

If there is enough bone in good condition, then we can commence work of drilling a hole and inserting a titanium screw where your dental implant will go.

Following this, there is a bit of a waiting period. The titanium implant screw should be left for a period of at least two months. This allows the bone to meld with the screw, ensuring your dental implant has a permanent place to call home. You can even wait longer than two months if you choose, as this will give you extra security when the crown is eventually fitted.

So if you’re wondering how long it takes before you can get your dental implant put in, it’s usually at least a few months.

That’s why we recommend you take action when it comes to your teeth implants. Don’t dillydally, because dental implants can take a while to sort out.

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