What to eat after wisdom teeth removal

You’ve undergone wisdom teeth removal surgery and given your teeth some breathing room. For many people, the time after they get their wisdom teeth removed can be a bit of a challenge. You might have to adjust your diet a little in order to let your mouth heal. For around two weeks, follow this easy guide on what to eat after getting your wisdom teeth taken out. Your mouth will thank you!

Avoid crunchy and chewy foods

Toast, chips, deep-fried foods and anything too crunchy such as toast and cereals will stress your mouth right out, so save them for another time. Foods that require lots of chewing like steaks will also be too much work for you to swallow.

Get on the soup train

Soups are both nourishing and very easy to digest, so they are the perfect food for sensitive mouths. It’s a convenient food option as well. Make a big pot of soup from seasonal veggies, and your meals will be sorted for the week! Be sure to blend your soup up well so there’s nothing to chew on. Another great soup choice is miso, as its broth-like consistency is very gentle and easy to eat. Buy yourself some quality miso paste and avoid the MSG-laden packet types.

Spice may not be so nice

Even if you usually eat very hot foods, spices in your food can be quite painful. They also stop your mouth from healing at optimal speed.

Don’t subsist solely on ice cream

It may be tempting to treat yourself to ice cream and jelly after your surgery, but try not to make these treats a key part of your diet. Your teeth aren’t very fond of sugar at all. If you must indulge in an ice cream, always avoid the cone!

Mashed potatoes

You can never go wrong with yummy, buttery comfort food! You’ll want to boil your potato of choice quite well so they are easy to mash. Really give them a good go with your potato masher to ensure there are minimal lumps.

Avoid acidic food

Stay away from vinegar and tomatoes! Much like spicy food, acidic food may irritate your gum tissue and cause soreness in your mouth.

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