Gums are often described as one’s ‘window to their health’. Traditionally, the importance of teeth and gum maintenance has been severely underestimated.

In contemporary times, there are numerous studies that support that brushing teeth twice a day isn’t enough and those that neglect their gums are risking the development of gum disease (Periodontal disease).

Teeth are reliant on their very foundation and the foundation that they sit in is the gums and bone.

Professional Dentist for your Gum Health

A professional dentist needs to be consulted to remove the plaque and build-up of bacterial toxins above and underneath the gum line to ensure healthy teeth. If gum issues are not efficiently addressed, they can be detrimental to teeth and general health and well-being.

Many people believe it is a natural life transition to lose teeth as they age. This is simply not the case.

Teeth are lost through the ageing process due to gums not being looked after. If an excessive amount of plaque is allowed to develop, it will infect the jaw and destroy the bones that support the teeth.

Poor Gum Health Issues

The obvious effects that poor gum health can cause are bad breath, Calculus and jawbone and gum disease. Recent studies have now shown that poor gum health can be directly related to more serious issues such as heart disease, diabetes and immune stress.

Oral health is not something that can immediately be fixed, in order to keep optimal health and well-being in check, it needs to be maintained.

Plaque is a film that contains up to 1000 types of bacteria and it can form as soon as 20 minutes after eating. Even after brushing teeth and flossing, it will still reappear every 4-12 hours.

An excess of bacteria in the gums can directly affect the rest of the body. If the bacteria that is hiding gums makes its way in to the bloodstream, serious detrimental health effects can occur – and sometimes even cardiac arrest.

If plaque is not removed correctly, gingivitis will form. Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease and is recognisable by blood drawing when brushing teeth due to inflammation. Gingivitis can be easily cured through proper and regular oral specialist checks.

There are several practitioners that can assist with the maintenance of gums. A dental hygienist will thoroughly remove plaque build-up and clean the teeth and gums.

A dental hygienist will also provide an ongoing oral health plan to ensure that one’s teeth are kept firmly in their mouth, and that infections will not occur as a result of poor gum health.

Maintenance of gums will increase health and well-being and a professional such as a dentist or oral hygienist must be consulted regularly. Booking in for a scale and clean – which will remove minimal debris amounts from the gum – every 3 to 6 months will assist the maintenance process.

For those who have more advanced gum problems, visiting a dentist for a root planning clean which will remove calculus and bacteria from above and below the gum line is a necessity. If your teeth are happy, your body will be too.

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