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Losing or breaking a tooth is literally a pain, yet repairing the gap need not be.
Firstly it is hard to ignore, as the gap feels like the grand canyon in your mouth, makes it harder to eat and can turn you into the shy ‘mumbler’ who won’t laugh out loud, all just to hide it from inquisitive grandchildren and ever-present camera phones at Christmas and birthdays.

Dental gaps are quite common, and can come as a result of breaking a tooth, often due to an existing big filling on a tooth which compromises it’s strength and so it cracks. Sometimes you can break the tooth quite suddenly while eating, and it can be a bit of a shock! If you have broken a tooth, you’re probably looking to get the tooth restored if possible. Unfortunately, it is not always possible and because of that protecting the damaged tooth with other measures is important. If you lose the tooth .it is wise to get the gap filled as soon as possible for both aesthetic reasons as well as to help with chewing.

With “The Gap” ever present, you know that you need to visit the dentist, yet you are not alone if childhood memories of pain in the dental clinic hold you back. To live up to the reputation, “Gentle Dentists” recognise that this fear is a problem. The methods we use at the Pain-Free Dental Clinic aim to repair your damaged teeth without the chair-gripping agony that caused so much anxiety in standard dental practices of old.

How do dentists fix up broken teeth in these cases? If you lose a tooth, your choices for filling a gap are

  1. Dentures
  2. Bridge
  3. Dental Implants.

Dental implants and bridges are popular options, as most people do not want to head down the road of dentures, if they can avoid it, which requires Teeth Implants or a Bridge which attaches to the adjacent specially prepared existing teeth.

How is it possible to fit a Dental Implant or Dental Bridge without causing you pain? Anesthetic is the key, so Gentle Dentists use soothing gum preparation techniques before you even get your first anaesthetic needle.

But I hate needles! We there’s a “magic wand” for that

Computerised injection (via a Wand) can minimise the pain of injection in sensitive areas. This way, you have assured an experience at the dentist that is so much more pleasant than what you will get at most dental clinics. Patients may think that pain from needles comes from piercing the gum, yet the pain is typically caused by the anaesthetic being injected too quickly. Computerised Injection is like a magic wand, wishing away the toe-curling painful memories of a stinging gum, to be literally pain free.

But I really hate needles!

OK so now we are talking phobias. For these patients, we even have needle free options.

Eliminating pain is the goal of the Gentle Dentist. Latest technology delivers revolutionary and pain free dental processes. Getting the gaps filled, may have been painful before, but no longer. Gentle Dentists teams also help especially anxious customers through their visit, by understanding that previous experiences may surface painful memories.

So don’t worry – the future is now, a Gap Free Smile and it’s completely pain-free.

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