6 Reasons dental Professionalism is Vital

We all know that dental health is important.Of course, we all want great-looking teeth, and the flow-on effects this has for our confidence, happiness and mental health. But a healthy mouth is important for many more reasons besides.

Tooth, mouth and oral damage, disease and infections are not only painful, they can cause speech problems and negatively impact other areas of our general health and quality of life, often with serious consequences.

So it’s crucial that you look after your dental health. How do you do that? With thorough daily maintenance at home and by regularly visiting a dental professional for check-ups or when you have problems.

Why is Dental Professionalism Important?

It’s crucial that when you are selecting a dental professional, you choose just that – a trusted professional. So what sort of things should you be looking for? Let’s explore 6 steps to identifying a true dental professional:

Attention to detail

It’s incredible how many people are scared of going to the dentist. Why? Because they assume it hurts. The Pain Free Dental Clinic is
so committed to pain-free dental services that it’s right there in the name, and the clinic follows this through with caring, qualified and experienced staff who focus solely on you and your smile.

These pain-free outcomes are only possible with superb attention to detail. Gums and mouths should be meticulously checked not just with the naked eye but, if necessary, with x-rays and magnifiers, before the formulation of detailed and effective treatment plans are devised.


An area like dentistry is constantly benefitting from the racing advances of technology, so a great clinic should have all the latest and greatest equipment that ensure the best possible care and outcomes for patients.
At Pain Free Dental Clinic, the jewel in the crown is the Dental Laser. Laser enables soft tissue surgery, no bleeding, minimal postoperative discomfort (if any) and faster healing. Laser can be used for many different oral issues and not just for soft tissue surgery. For example, ulcers, cold sore, soft-Tissue Crown lengthening & Fibromal removal, Implant recovery, exposure of Unerupted Teeth etc.

Our ‘Intraoral Camera’ enables patients to see the problems before the procedure commences and the result after completion.

And, we work closely with a NSW Dental Laboratory for all our Crown, Bridge and Implant requirements. Their CAD/CAM technology is the most up-to-date latest technology available. They assist us with all restoration work, which is highly regarded and comes with a Warranty of up to 15 years.


But what’s all that technology worth if your dentist can’t back it up with the credentials? Pain Free Dental Clinic is proud of its Quality Innovation Performance accreditation, and Dr Nikgoo is just as proud of his membership of several international dental organisations, like the International Congress of Implantologists and the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry.

Education & experience

But Dr Nikgoo doesn’t rest on these laurels. The key to great dentistry both today and in the future is not just qualifications, years of experience and satisfied patients, but a commitment to ongoing education.

Dr Nikgoo has had articles published in dental journals and is so committed to dentistry that he recently travelled with several colleagues to Laos, bringing dental care to those who don’t have access.

He started practicing Dentistry in 2001 and recently travelled to the USA for further training in Advanced Implants. He enjoys attending and enhancing his education here in Australia having committed over 100 hours just in 2016 alone!

A One-stop Shop

A great dental clinic should also offer comprehensive services and treatments, with everything from general dentistry to cosmetic work, implants, emergencies and more.

Patient education

And while a dental clinic is a business at the end of the day, the aim should also be to educate patients so they are better equipped to maintain the health of their teeth and gums long-term, for the best possible quality of life.

While this does involve regular check-ups, it’s also about proper oral hygiene care at home, and Pain Free Dental Clinic is committed to helping patients stay healthy, smiling, and avoiding costly and painful problems.

“We spend time with our patients to show them how to floss and brush properly. We regularly discuss gum disease, its consequence and prevention.” Dr Nikgoo

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