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Ways To Avoid Infection After Wisdom Teeth Removal


Having your wisdom teeth removed can be quite a daunting process. But don’t worry, you’re on the path to healthier teeth! To avoid having to see a dentist sooner than you’d like, you should follow our advice on how to stave off getting an infected wisdom tooth. Using common sense and some sage dentist advice, you can keep it clean and heal as fast as possible.


Use gauze pads appropriately

During your surgery, you’ll get gauze put in place over the surgical area. Keep it in for ha
lf an hour, then throw it away. This time frame allows the gauze padding to absorb as much as it needs to. Discarding it after half an hour will ensure no bad bacteria have an environment to grow and cause a wisdom tooth infection. Afterwards, you can use gauze as well if excessive bleeding occurs. Wipe away the old clots, then bite firmly onto the gauze to encourage new clots to form.


Warm salt rinses are your new best friend

These will ensure the surgical area stays clean so make these a part of your regular teeth cleaning routine after you get your wisdom teeth removed. A Salt water rinse should start 24-48 hours after your extraction(unless the blood clot can be dislodged). Simply add a pinch of salt to a glass of clean, warm water. Rinse and gargle thoroughly before spitting it out.


Ensure you get enough rest

Take at least one or two days after you get your wisdom teeth removed. This will allow your body time to recover from your dental surgery, and be fully ready to fight off any potential sign of infection. Be sure to take as much time as you need, and get back to your regular routine and activities only when you feel up for it.


Don’t stress about the swelling around your mouth

It’s a completely normal reaction that the body has after surgery, as this is blood being sent to try and heal the damaged tissue. Inflammation and swelling are all part of the healing process. You may also get swelling around the eyes and sides of the face.


Consume the right foods and drinks

To avoid a wisdom tooth infection after surgery, keep an eye on what goes into your mouth. You should avoid straws as the sucking can dislodge blood clots that are trying to help your mouth heal. If these blood clots are dislodged, it can also make it easier for infection to occur. You should also try and avoid any food that takes time to chew, or that may get lodged in the surgical site.


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